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Mezcal Entregozos
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The art of drinking Mezcal

Entregozos is an exquisite young mezcal, made of 100%  agave from the “Sierra Mixteca” from Puebla, México. It is produced by a millenary artisanal process, ensuring the preservation of the natural flavours, highlighting its freshness and its smokey finish.

Entregozos is ranked as an extraordinary premium mezcal. Its translucent, pearly body is a reflection of our traditional production process and a superior qualities of the agaves from this region. These factors guarantee a unique blend of mezcal in each bottle.

Mezcal Entregozos
Mezcal Entregozos

“You must be wise to taste mezcal and, even more, to know how to enjoy it”.

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Mezcal Entregozos

We suggest you drink Entregozos mezcal to commemorate life and celebrate it with your loved ones. Those moments are no doubt the best mariage.

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