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Mezcal Entregozos
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Mezcal Entregozos

At Entregozos we are committed to the preservation of the environment, the dignification of artisanal work, and the promotion of social integration. This is why our main social objective is to boost the work of the farmers and “mezcaleros” (Mezcal Artisans) of the Sierra Mixteca of Puebla who provide their effort, experience and dedication to the creation of mezcal.

In compliance with the “Fair Trade” Initiatives promoted by the United Nations, we affirm to:

  • Guarantee a fair price to the artisans.

  • Provide our employees with optimal security and hygiene conditions.

  • Promote gender equality.

  • Protect children´s rights.

  • Safeguard ethnic minorities and respect their culture.

  • Protect the environment.

Mezcal Entregozos

The Legend 

The Legend has it that in an Hacienda located in the limits of the old Villa de Carrión, an exquisite handmade mezcal was made from agave by indigenous people of the Sierra Mixteca Poblana.

Under the shelter of such an exquisite drink, unforgettable friendships and passionate loves were built.

They were witnessed by Don Domingo, the field caporal and Doña Toribia, his wife, as well as Don Luis, the patron of the Hacienda.

It was an afternoon in which Doña Toribia, a cheerful and jovial woman, who enjoyed spending the afternoons in the countryside sharing good stories with her family, decided to prepare a mezcal with some young agaves. She was confident that her youth would bring special touches to the drink, as well as that she could enjoy it as soon as possible with all those who visited the farm, in order to toast to the happiness of sharing.

Mezcal Entregozos

Don Domingo, the field caporal and Doña Toribia's husband, was a meek man who believed that everything comes in due time, because life passes and unlike the summer, it does not come back to keep us warm. Therefore when it arrives it should be taken advantage of. 


That is why, Don Domingo created a drink with ripe agave that he believed was already at its ideal point. In his opinion, that agave was ready and it would not require any longer wait. An ideal selection giving birth to a young, millennial and unique mezcal.

Don Luis, the master of the hacienda, was a man of absolute elegance, a connoisseur who knew that good products take care and time. He insisted on patience. Thus a mezcal made with care, time, the right agaves and larger robust pineapples, would have an exquisite result. Every morning he would walk through the fields contemplating the growth of his agaves and personally selected those that form his much desired and exclusive drink today.

Mezcal Entregozos
Mezcal Entregozos
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